Asem Hotel Envirolmental Policy

Nature Equal Living

Our Vision Asem Hotel is an environmental leader in Alanya, where we provide holiday and accommodation services to our guests. It is our most important aim to make sustainability and sensitivity to the environment both the land and the sea a cornerstone of the whole plant system.

Our employees are educated and educated colleagues who are educated about the environment. The Human Resources department provides the necessary training for each individual participating in our facility. This policy is implemented within the scope of the "Asem Environmental Policy" program, which is conducted internally and externally.

Alanya Asem Hotel Cevre Politikası

Alanya Asem Hotel Environment Policy

Being an environmentally conscious institution means growing our business economically more sustainably, using less resources and creating less waste and pollution. If we achieve these goals, we will be able to achieve three main elements: our guests, our environment and our business. Every holidaymaker we provide accommodation services, tourists definitely have a cleaner nature, sea right ..

Asem Hotel stands for environmental awareness and means the most modern and eco-friendly technology investments available in equipment at the same time. We strive to be a leader in environmental awareness in our region. We work to ensure that our assets are operated in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with all applicable environmental regulations and standards.