Asem Hotel Human Resources

We provide a business environment in which our colleagues who work in our hotel are based on trust, development is open, and career opportunities are evaluated. We invite you to join my family if you want to live this privilege, to be a success partner.

HR Policy

  • To create and disseminate policies that will lead to the establishment of honest, transparent, fair, respectful and trust-based relationships
  • To select and develop our dynamic and professional human resources among candidates who are suitable to the corporate culture and targets
  • As a group investing and valuing people, establishing and managing systems that are constantly monitored and improved on occupational health and safety
  • To organize trainings that will serve our company's goals and personal development of our personnel and to measure their effectiveness.

Size Sunabileceklerimiz

  • Innovative and dynamic sector
  • Competitive and challenging environment
  • The opportunity to work with the best in your area
  • An ethical management philosophy
  • Opportunities for personal development
Online Application
All open positions can be submitted via the contact page of our website. The general applications, however, Will be accepted from the e-mail address. After the application and evaluation, all candidates who are positive or negative will be returned.

Selection Process
Applicants who have been declared eligible will be invited to our facility. Candidates are subjected to a general aptitude test and personality inventory. Candidates who are found positive after the interviews are directed to the related department managers.

Business offer
For the candidates whose evaluation processes are affirmative, reference checks are carried out, subject to their position, and final job proposals are made after all these processes have been completed. In order to integrate quickly into our group for our new employees, the Orientation Program begins.

We give importance to training and experience in service to our guests. Therefore, we plan to determine and organize training and development needs in today's rapidly changing work environment and to ensure that the most effective recycling is achieved. For this purpose we organize various training programs.

  • Orientation training
  • Personal Development Trainings
  • Technical Trainings
  • Operational Trainings

Your applications are only viewed and evaluated by the Asem Hotel Human Resources Recruitment Unit. For positions that are open, candidates who have applied to the related announcements published for vacancies on our web site will be evaluated first.

You can Contact Us Page apply online